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Mr and Mrs Sivyer - (Two story extension to large Victorian town house to include new double garage, single garage and new driveway.)

"We are thrilled with the result of A&D Builders’ hard work over a 5 month period. Our project was completed in good time and to a fantastic standard. Organisational skills were superb - each tradesman arrived exactly when needed and stayed until the job was done, there were no gaps or 'dead days'.

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For us this was a large project and it completed on time despite the very severe winter over which most of the work had to be done. Inevitably, we encountered problems with our project, but these were all due to the fact that the design with which I provided A&D turned out not to match exactly what I actually wanted them to build. They were brilliant at adapting as we went along and always finding a solution to structural or design issues so that I could have what I wanted. I suspect that with a large company I would have had to stick to what was on the plans, so I became increasingly glad that I had appointed a family run, pragmatic firm with a wealth of useful local contacts. We are happy to have people to look at the work to our house to assess the quality of the work, or to speak to us privately about our experience. I appointed Louis and Alan myself after looking at the work they had done to two other local houses and speaking to the owners, who were also very positive about their experience".